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for Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art 2014/16

Chuly Lee



About Chuly

How learn


Royal College of Art



Thanks to


“Where's a good mentor”


 3 years ago, when I was studying creative entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, I suddenly realised that the art is the only field that I can change the world to the better place with my ceramic stuff and my passion, and it would be hugely worth. I found the meaning of learning art particularly ceramics so that I am going to learn it from this September. I would like to tell you this story.


 Although I have been taught for more than 15years through my whole life, I still have a question that could not be solved. It is to find a good mentor. I always wonder where my mentor probably different to others is. I believe that is because I had not discovered the meaning of learning yet. While I could not make up my mind a such surprising thing happened to me.


 In January 2012, Professor Martin Smith who I met for the interview at Royal College of Art welcomed me warmly by saying "I'm curious where your ideas come from". After the interview which was not enough time to talk, I wondered about Martin's mentor then he kindly answered about his mentor he is always inspired by. A month later I received the offer letter. He said my portfolio and the interview were exceptional and expected me to contribute ceramics and its value in depth.


 At first I was going to enter the college to deeply research my ceramic art work. However, just a month before entering the college, I faced up to an unpredictable financial difficulty. My family business, which is real estate development, has been bankrupted and it has been one after another my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I think that nothing really bad has happened though. Since then first I deferred admission to the college for two years (until Aug. 2014), and then I have been thinking how I take time by forelock because I know this opportunity is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence. I know that we do not always get what we want, but I also know there is nothing impossible.


 I strongly believe that there are some people who are interested in and will support my challenge and enthusiasm. Firstly I asked people, who have seen how I grew up, for their support. Thankfully one of them offered me $2,000(£1,200) as sort of a scholarship, and one of them provided me with monthly fund $80(£50) and then some promised their support. One is my neighbour, and one is a dentist, and one is a childhood friend. They knew their success and opportunity came from education and they now have good occasion to give the same opportunity. I really appreciate their helps and I believe the amazingly surprise will last.


 The Royal College of Art was founded in 1837 by the British Government and is widely considered to be the world's most influential art and design institution that produces a great number of outstanding artists. In order to continue my ceramics research as an international student, great expense is needed. The tuition fee for a year is £27,900($46,900). To complete two years of masters course, £79,800($134,000) including living cost is still needed. More support is essential. I wrote something below to let you know why people decided to give Chuly Lee the opportunity. I believe you support a passionate young man's challenge.


I am ready to fulfil my dream, arts, everything. Please give an opportunity to learn from a good mentor.


Thank you very much.

About Chuly

Growth background


Success is only for people with dreams


 I strongly believe that I would enhance the value of the ceramics with entire challenging and great efforts towards a goal becoming a ceramic specialist. I grew up learning importance of decorum and responsibilities a lot from my grand parents and parents. There are many neighbours and friends I have been quite open with for more than 20 years. Once my father had failed his business during my childhood, then the family’s fortune was on the wane. Naturally, I had developed a sense of responsibility and independence with having positive outlook. I have always got raise as the one who is reliable and faithful.



A healthy mind in a health body


 This saying becomes my driving force to keep my mind and body healthy. It is because that if the mind and body are not healthy it is impossible to achieve the goal and to challenge for it. I healthily grew up in the countryside without getting sick. From the age of 19, I have lived separated from my family for most of the period due to university studies, military service, and study abroad. Accordingly I have been very precise and organised. Moreover, in terms of the work process that should be done on the feet for half-day, physical strength is quite important as well as design creativity. Thus I have practiced the secret that I mastered to build up physical strength regardless of place and I do sit-ups and press-ups. Furthermore, I always try to keep a positive mind through exhibitions, meditation and writing some. In this way, this habit recovering my composure leads to create new ideas as my strength.

Work Experience


The 21th century is the era of culture


 In other words, art and design became core driving force hugely influencing national competitiveness. I have had a curiosity and an aspiration for creation connecting to the real world, that is, method of communication and been interested in study on ‘artistic value in depth’.  I have entirely researched and displayed art works myself from my thought of ‘exhibitions’ as the first method for communication with the world.

 I made the first step with a group exhibition titled ‘Dat-byeol’ at Korea Craft and Design Foundation. However, due to low responses I confirmed the gap between artistic spirit and art consumer’s demands. Afterwards I visited ‘International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan’ and ‘International Design Center Nagoya’, that Korea Ceramic Design Association was invited by Japan Ceramic Design Association, to attend exhibitions and a design workshop as one of four university students who were selected. I found close relationships between art and its industry by learning advanced craft culture industry abroad developing craftwork as cultural goods. In addition, at ‘China Sourcing Fair 2008’ in Hong Kong, which I had full financial support from the Korean Government through a competition at Korea Federation of Handcrafts Cooperatives,

 I firmly believed reality and possibility to develop traditional art into global and cultural goods by seeing buyers' interests and my works among the variety of ceramics from all over the world. Moreover, it was good momentum that I gain an insight into the system and infrastructure that art needs to develop into its industry through exporting consulting with buyers and enough support and promotion from the government.

 After the graduation, I decided to learn all process of in-depth works at a special industrial site where the barrier between art and cultural industry becomes economy. That was the experience working with a world-renowned ceramicist Yik-yung Kim at a ceramic company where felicitously combined ceramics production and art works together. I was in charge of doing some projects such as ‘Pentagon Forms’ and ‘Land of Beautiful Scenery’. Afterwards these works were well received in the exhibition at Fowler Museum at UCLA. On the other hand, I witnessed the company has been stagnant in comparison with its value due to conservative and passive management. Consequently this led me to contribute to creating a higher value by studying British ceramics, art and its technology, in which cultural development both preserves tradition and fosters innovative ideas, and by popularising new technology such as high fire into the ceramic industry and the field of art.


Experience at University


A talented person who sees the world creatively makes own way


 Artists and designers nowadays have been confronted with social needs that they should lead society with leadership and insights. During my university years, I not only paid attention to ceramics also cultivated leadership to be a leader in the field of art. As a result, I thought I had to take an interest in a variety of fields and develop abilities for it. As a part of the effort, I established ‘Sonzil’, a craft research group for goldsmithing, metalwork and ceramics, with students majoring in metalwork & jewellery and set the stage for exchange through the exhibitions titled ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Today’s News’ as the president of the group. Now six years later, when I incidentally meet junior’s works which are made with mixed materials and skills at a gallery, I feel a sense of pride.

 In addition, I was elected the student vice president of ceramics department and a member of the student union for the college of design. I, thus, developed a sense of responsibility by being in charge of not only sincerely dealing with many events, exhibition planning and accounting but also planning and managing the college athletics competition, the design street, the national design competition for secondary school students. Also, for the graduate show, I experienced in gallery selection, public relations and display, and as the project team leader I played a role in making crucial decisions for thirty divergent opinions. Moreover, I realized the importance of intellectual property rights by being chosen a patentee sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This would be great strength later on for both art and cultural activities and protection of design and technology. I have trained in not art for art’s sake but creative thinking and humanity, that break up the boundary for capitalism and that our generation sincerely wants, in years. Now, for me it is time to deepen the identity of the millennium culture of Korean ceramics with the depth of ceramics and advanced technology from the UK.

How learn

Learning not to contain but to reach


 I strongly believe learning for reaching something is important rather than to contain knowledge. Although I still need to widen a range of knowledge, making people understand ceramics, art and design by differently think and differently see the world and social phenominon is what I really enjoy. Moreover, I realised that making something essential to our lives is very important, but to let people discover how to use it is also equally significant.I believe if I contain more experience into these strengths and study more deeply, I would be able to become a good leader who guides and help poeple to choose better things.

    Action speaks louder than words


    Target consciousness


    Holding on to dream at the moment of failure


Vivid dream returns to reality


 I would like to become a ceramic specialist by playing a role as a bridge between people and people, the west and the east, negative and positive, etc. It is a person who not only introduces one to another, but also establishes a connection that is of great help.

    Bridge-building between oppositions


    Ceramic specialist enhancing the value


    Artist doing an in-depth art work and research

“If it isn’t sold, it isn’t creative”


 Advertisement designer David Mackenzie Ogilvy’s words have tormented me throughout my 4 years of university. Whether I was creating designs for my ceramics major or whether working on a purely artistic level, it was a serious question of how my creative pieces will be identified by and communicated with other people. For this reason my first job was at a company that manufactured both works of art and mass-produced ceramic products. Working as an artist’s assistant, I witnessed first-hand and learned in a field that combined both art and industry. However, I became aware of the conservative nature of the company and realised how we have fallen out of touch with the public due to our unwillingness to try new things, and my concerns reached a critical point. Regardless of how fine a work of art may be, the next steps may be fraught with dilemma without the necessary creative industry foundations. I desire to do a diverse range of ceramic works where the essence of art is balanced with creativity.

I would like to become a bridge-builder in the filed of ceramics in the future and introduce new concepts, being inspired by the West, of ceramics in the East to as yet unfamiliar fields of exhibition planning, art, design, work production, and distribution so that the works of artists and designers are able to naturally break free from the confines of art and industry to communicate better with the public.


Royal College of Art

The RCA offers 24 distinctive programmes across the art and design disciplines, delivered through six integral Schools. MA programmes and MPhil/PhD research are delivered through the Schools, with combined facilities and opportunities for cross-pollination. Each programme offers a full package of assisted learning through tutorials, seminars and support for individual and group projects, and learning is focused to give each student the support she or he needs to build expertise in their discipline. 

As the world’s only wholly postgraduate university institution of art and design we specialise in teaching and research, offering MA, MPhil and PhD degrees across the disciplines of fine art, applied art, design, communications and humanities. Along with an impressive roll call of visiting professors, lecturers and advisors, our students are given first-class opportunities for major collaborations with cultural and industrial partners. 

It all adds up to a creative environment that’s unrivalled - one of the most concentrated and exciting communities of artists and designers to be found anywhere on the planet. 

Introduction of Ceramics and Glass programme


 The Ceramics & Glass programme is a world leader in research and practice. However we do not see ceramics and glass merely as a fixed set of media. 

 Our programme is a site for discursive practice, where cultural, social, personal, historical and aesthetic concerns intersect. We believe that the skills of making and thinking can develop in tandem, and that the made object is a vehicle for expression that can engage with the individual and society.

 Our students’ work covers a wide spectrum – from design for manufacture to the unique art object. All the strands contribute to each other and form a single discipline, at the core of which is material understanding. Students learn through a mixture of workshops, lectures, tutorials and, most importantly, through their own practice.

 "We prize and celebrate diversity and breadth. We embrace connections."


      -Head of the programme, Martin Smith

Offer letter






-Investment in value

-Funding for Art

-Enriching our lives with art

-Making another opportunity

-Bridge across the globe

-Clarifying every use of all support fund monthly on website

-Visit to see and talk whenever wanted

-Uploading and posting coming events and new works every time when it comes on website

-Every time when having an exhibition, inviting all supporters through sending an invitation

-Publishing a short ceramic art report every semester by both posting on website and sending letters

the World




Sep 2014

Feb 2015

Sep 2015

Feb 2016

Jul 2016

After Graduation

Development of glaze and raw materials such as clay, chamotte by focusing on research for high-fire resistance and physical stability of the materials

Research on technique suitable for high fire glazes and clay in particular decoration and forming techniques

Experiment upon ceramic pigment and flux depending on way of firing

Study of new techologies such as computer numerical control, 3D printing, ditital graphic modelling

Study of philosophy and contexts

Seeking for interface between ceramic art and cultural industry system through a visit to global ceramic companies that one man studio became a major company

Suggesting artistic value and creative methods for new ceramic art and its industry by researching on a blend of art and technology

Exhibition of the result of all research and art works at the RCA Show

Ceramics and glass education for children and students

Exhibitions and educational activities for where the art is out of reach by collaborating on art projects with artists from diverse fields such as performance, painting, sculpture, media, music and etc.

Supporting new talented artists


Keeping fertilizing the mind of people with the art


김익영 교수님

Reknowned ceramist Yik-yung Kim

Emeritaus professor, Ceramic director

Graduated from Alfred University (NY)

Collected works by Cleveland Museum of Art, The British Museum and other museums over the world.



Letter of Recommendation



Name : Sang Yong Lee   Date of Birth : 24. 9. 1963   Molbile : 010221 14893

Position : Dean of the Department of Ceramics, Kookmin University

Relationship : Professor   email :


This candidate, Chulyoung Lee, surely understands all about his major in Ceramics and has great interests in it. He always pays attention to the research of ceramics and other fields. During his university years, as he wasthe vice president of department student union he showed leadership in a number of important events. He entirely creates value with gratefully constant efforts. I expect that if he gains an opportunity to get any scholarships he would excellently complete his study through his sincerity and creativity.


Department of Ceramics, College of Design

Prof. Sang Yong Lee

13. 5. 2013


Professor. Sang Yong Lee

Dean of the Collge of Design

Dean of the Graduate school of Design

Thanks to

Very appreciate your extraordinary support



Prof. Martin Smith - Head of Ceramics and Glass at Royal College of Art

E Kim - Photography student at Royal College of Art

Shin Young Lee - Samsung Electronics

Prof. Park, Kyoung Soon - Director of the World Ceramic Biennale 2015

Prof. Siân Prime - Director of ICCE at Goldsmiths

Yik-yung Kim - Renowned ceramic artist

Prof. Sang Yong Lee - Dean of the Collge of Design at Kookmin univeristy

Nam Yoon - CEO of NAM ceramic works

Leticia Daley - English mother

Michael Daley - English Father

Dr. Dong Woo Lee - Director of Lee's dental clinic

Dayoung Kim - Hawaii travel agency

Hee Sub Shim - Friend of long standing

Rabhi Chakrapeesirisuk - Director of Charlie and Friends Co Ltd.

Art Fund

Chuly Lee


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South Korea



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