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Double-sidedness; Moon Vase

The moon having a variety of ever-changing shapes (2012)


This piece of work is inspired by double-sidedness. Time Changes by day and night make one have a two-sided situation. In particular, architecture has always been an object of visual experiences of the situation. The architecture plays a role of both receiving natural light in the daytime and emitting artificial light in the nighttime. The light could be a tool making something become an actual state.


This vase is created by observing the association between Ronchamp, designed by Le Corbuisier, and 'Dal-dong-ne' meaning shantytown in Korean, and is a word comprised of two words 'the moon' and 'a town'. The relationship being transformed into the moon jar, which is a masterpiece representing the Korean white porcelain, is intended to provide a new image of wealth and poverty.

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