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Harmonic Relation

Horizontal jar; Korean traditional container (2008)


There are three kinds of relation in this jar. All is about Korea as a country that is geographically small but spiritually powerful, rising in the social position of women and Korean heritage. The horizontal jar used to be a container in the 15th century when carrying liquor, water or body waste according to size. It has been called 'Janggun' in Korean interestingly the same pronouncing and writing as 'a general (in military terms)' which is the symbol of gallantness.

The first relation is that sanitary products were developed as a heritage at the early ages. Second relation you can see in this jar is the socio-economic position of women in modern korean society. Therefore, they have had much confidence and self-esteem. Lastly, although Korean territory is geographically small even if the south and the north were unified, Korea is a strong country that accomplished high-degree economic growth in a very short period of time.It could be expressed the vital force of Taebaek mountain range stemmed from belief that the range froms the backbone of Korea.



Heritage : Transforming the shape of the traditional horizontal jar from horizontal to upright level.

Women's confidence : Some of women get their confidence from their looks and body shapes especially breasts.

Mountain range : Decorating the surface simply with cobalt pigment to make tone and shade.

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