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Cozy Cube

Radio and lighting; a flexible item (2008)


Its shape may look simple, but it makes the atmosphere around you cozy, soft and pleasant. It was a rectangular parallelepipe form at the first stage. During the process, its shape has been changed stably to be a cube. I also applied the motif nature to design and reduced a function simultaneously with shape changes. This cube contains the innocence of childhood to feel from nature. I express the harmony between ceramic and metal works.


Concept : The scenery of the top of the hill

There are two dogs living on the hill, their house, a bowl, a tree that give them grateful shade and a bird who could be a friend. In addition, the body has a speaker and two drawers that allows to keep tiny staffs.



Basically the body and tree were made up of white porcelain and an electric circuit board being attached brass dials designed to fit the body and its structure. All of the metal, that are brass and silver, has functions such as volume and tuning controlers (with dogs), an antenna (with a tree to a bird), a battery storage (with a house), an earphone jack (with a bowl). A tiny bulb is in the body.


Another Use

In order to faithful to one function as a lighting, it was decided to be removed the function for radio, then was modified the front plate.

LED brilliantly has a variety of colours. Its semipermanent life and low heat are suitable for ceramics.

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