Time changes in circumstances bby day and night make one ahve a two-sided situation. In particular, architecture has always been an object of visual experiences of the situation. The architecture plays a role of both receiving natural light in the daytime and emitting artificial light in the nighttime. Light is a tool making something become an actual state. It is not a part of elements but a comprehensive notion. By dematerialising metaphor translates the elements of design into sensible representation.


The expression of ceramics, having various structural design of architecture and plasticity of clay that can be shaped in a number of different forms, creates differentiated design through the medium called light and metaphor. These inspirations have led me to observe the association between Ronchamp and 'Dal-dong-ne'. The relationship being transformed into the moon jar is intended to provide new images of double-sidedness.


 투세븐오투  |   대표 이철영   |   경기도 김포시 김포한강1로 230, 현대센트럴스퀘어 607   |   T. 07080951991   F. 0264422991

607 Hyundai Central Square, 230 Gimpohangang 1-ro, Gimpo, Gyeonggi, SEOUL, Korea 10078

사업자등록번호. 107-59-94995   |   통신판매업신고. 제2020경기김포0502호

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